Opulent Organics

A simply stunning collection of Designer jewellery inspired by nature. Handcrafted Plain and Gold embellished Silver. Set with a dazzling and unusual selection of natural stones, pearls and shells.
38 results
Ingrid Ring - VR474
Irrestistible Bracelet - SBRC1627
Fire & Ice Ring - GLR155
Supernova Bracelet- VBRC282
Supernova Pendant- VP401
Supernova Pendant- VP401
From £165.00
Amma Ring - VR464
Dark Embrace Ring - VR447
Organic Bubbles Necklace - VNKL254
Astral Bracelet - VBRC255
White Sands Anklet - VANK140
Passionale Pendant - VP358
Larissa Bracelet - VBRC249
Tonga Necklace - SCHN1068
Darla Necklace - SCHN265
Black Lustre Ring - VR385
The Dreamer Ring - GLR154
Tiffany Ring - GLR147
Tranquillity Ring - GLR146
Monte Carlo Ring - GLR143
Ophelia Ring - GLR142
Mulberry Fruits Ring - GLR141
Oceania Necklace - VNKL157
Amora Ring - GLR137
Swoon Ring - GLR139
38 results
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