Boho Beauty

For all those Bohemian Babes out there, Hippy Hearts and Festival Lovers this beautiful collection has the perfect finishing touches.
Boho Beauty
648 results
Stepping Stones Bangle - VBGL187
Akasha Ring - VR442
Autumn Agate Bracelet - VBRC264
Azure Eye Ring - VR441
Amarilli Ring - VR440
Angkasa Bangle - VBGL214
Stargazer Pendant - VP382
Stargazer Earrings - VE570
Night Owl Stud Earrings - VE569
Little Dragonfly Pendant - VP378
Leah Pendant - VP377
Leah Pendant - VP377
From £79.00
Flower Of Life Earrings - VE567
Silver Branch Earrings - VE566
Marianne Hoop Earrings - VE564
Azurite Crystal Pendant - VP375
Azure Eye Pendant - VP374
Turquoise Dream Bracelet - VBRC262
Golden Child Earrings - VE562
Turquoise Dream Necklace - VNKL261
Golden Child Necklace - VNKL260
Tansy Earrings - VE558
Oriel Earrings - VE557
Silver Vine Earrings - VE555
Bellinda Earrings - VE554
648 results
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