Boho Beauty

For all those Bohemian Babes out there, Hippy Hearts and Festival Lovers this beautiful collection has the perfect finishing touches.
Boho Beauty
640 results
Opalite Crystal Point Pendant - VP368
Drop Of Sunshine Pendant - VP367
Canna Stud Earrings - VE259T
Maira Ring - VR434
Blue Planet Ring - SR2114
Splash Ear Cuff - SEC114
Tibetan Prayer Wheel Pendant - SP2864
Blue Myst Pendant - VP363
Castaway Bracelet - SBRC1555
Celtic Moon Ring - VR433
Minerva Hoop Earrings - SE4653
Boho Blue Earrings - VE257
Alicia Stud Earrings - SE3397
Moonlit Ring - VR431
White Sands Anklet - VANK140
Butterfly Breeze Bracelet - VBRC254
Summer Night Ring - SR2056
Asana Hoop Earrings - SE5036
Summer Bouquet Bracelet - VBRC253
Oceanique Ring - VR431
Seafern Ring - VR430
Waterfall Earrings - SE4918
Lilac Swirl Ring - VR429
Tamana Ring - VR428
640 results
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