Love Tokens

A collection of beautiful jewellery for the incurable romantic in us All.
Tokens of Love including hearts & flowers, lockets & keepsake pieces to personalise with your own special message.
419 results
Deco Rose Pendant - VP716
Handmade Hearts Brooch - VBR112
Vintage Heart Earrings - VE382GT
Daisy Dazzle Pendant - SP2956
Daisy Dazzle Earrings - SE5270
Daisy Dazzle Set - SSET2956
Yasmin Earrings - VE639GT
Garnet Spiral Earrings - VE449
Galina Ring - VR712
Red Sun Earrings - VE278GT
Gabi Earrings - VE255GT
Iris Bracelet - VBRC315
Cupids Arrow Ring - VR717
Josie Bracelet - VBRC312
Iliyana Pendant - VP449
Red Robin Necklace - VNKL242RG
Wine Whirl Earrings - VE337GT
Rosa Earrings - VE559GT
Warm Heart Bracelet - VBRC310
Garnet Pia Earrings - VE182G
Garnet Pia Pendant - VP150G
Garnet Pia Set - VSET695G
Cherrydrops Necklace - VNKL292
Hearts Of Opal Earrings - SE5272
419 results
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