Love Tokens

A collection of beautiful jewellery for the incurable romantic in us All.
Tokens of Love including hearts & flowers, lockets & keepsake pieces to personalise with your own special message.
430 results
Nouveau Rose Stud Earrings - VE228
Elephant Love Bracelet Stack - SBRC1539
Spring Romance Necklace - VNKL312
Bermudan Sands Necklace - VNKL171RQ
Angkasa Bangle - VBGL214GT
Infinite Love Pendant - SP2890
Sabine Bracelet - VBRC336
Dainty Rosa Earrings - SE4985
All the Love Bracelet - SBRC1674
Rose Quartz Point Pendant - SP3081
June Sparkle Bracelet - VBRC335JN
Rosanna Pendant - VP453
Pastel Love Set - SSET3079
Pastel Love Earrings - SE5780
Pastel Love Pendant - SP3079
Rose Mist Earrings - SE5545
Rose Blush Bracelet - SBRC1648
In My Heart Earrings - SE5482
Big Love Bracelet - SBRC1669
Sacha Bracelet - SBRC1585
Sacha Earrings - SE5278
Juliette Necklace - SCHN1244
Entwined Rose Trio Ring - SR1839
We Two Necklace - SCHN1206
430 results
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