Love Tokens

A collection of beautiful jewellery including hearts and flowers, lockets and pieces to personalise with your own special memories, for the incurable romantic in us All.
Love Tokens
361 results
Little Dragonfly Pendant - VP378
Inspiration Earrings - VE563
Tulle Pendant - VP376
Tulle Pendant - VP376
From £34.00
Simple Pearl Studs - VE556
Underwater Odyssey Pendant - VP373
Boho Butterfly Bracelet - VBRC258
Trixie Bracelet - VBRC257
Wirework Heart Pendant - VP367
Paula Set - SSET2759
Paula Set - SSET2759
From £86.00
Alicia Stud Earrings - SE3397
Pink Mountain Pendant - VP361
Venice Bracelet - VBRC250
Passionale Pendant - VP358
Pink Butterfly Ring - SR432
Sugar Twist Earrings - VE4572
Eternal Silver Earrings - SE4947
Eternal Silver Set - SSET2833
Sunset Pink Necklace - VNKL250
Blossom Branch Pendant - VP356
Pastel Petal Pendant - VP353
Sold Out
Rhoda Necklace - VNKL249
Cool Rose Pendant - VNKL247
Sunset Wrap Bracelet - SBRC39
Oval Rose Ring - SR1547
361 results
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