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View our luxurious unique Silver and semi precious stone collection. Designed for those of you looking for that special statement piece. Each design is individual & each stone is unique. If you love it, order now, as there will never be another quite like it.
352 results
Bronze Lustre Necklace - VNKL449
Silver Mirror Ring - VR710
Ice Wall Ring - VR709
Ice Wall Earrings - VE701
Leaf Shimmer Bracelet - VBRC309
Larissa Bracelet - VBRC307
Larissa Earrings - VE700
Violetta Pendant - VP446
Sunset River Pendant - VP445
Blue Princess Pendant - VP444
Ice Maiden Pendant - VP442
Autumn Berry Necklace - VNKL291
Coffee Shimmer Bracelet - VBRC306
Krakatoa Necklace - VNKL290
Nochtli Bangle - VBGL222
Cappucino Bracelet - VBRC305
Silver Weave Collar - VNKL289
Black Lake Pendant - VP440
Rainforest Pendant - VP439
Blue Pools Bracelet - VBRC304
Midnight Pendant - VP438
Skylar Bangle - VBGL221
Amber Sunset Necklace - VNKL288
Green Depths Earrings - VE505
352 results
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