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View our luxurious unique Silver and semi precious stone collection. Designed for those of you looking for that special statement piece. Each design is individual & each stone is unique. If you love it, order now, as there will never be another quite like it.
356 results
Diva Earrings - VE672
Leah Pendant - VP409
Leah Pendant - VP409
From £100.00
Julia Ring - VR476
Celeste Pendant - VP408
Abalone Wrap Ring - VR475
Caramella Pendant - VP407
Ingrid Ring - VR474
Mareena Pendant - VP406
Nefertari ring - VR473
Topaz Crush Bracelet - VBRC289
Coconut Ice Ring - VR472
Tamana Blue Ring - VR470
Aqua Mist Pendant - VP405
Beryl Bead Necklace - VNKL270
Purple Haze Bracelet - VBRC285
Blue Breeze Ring - VR468
Purple Fig Ring - VR466
Jute Bangle - VBGL215
Fire & Ice Ring - GLR155
Katerina Bracelet - VBRC284
Spiral Gem Pendant - VP403
Nouvelle Pendant - VP402
Cordelia Bracelet - VBRC283
Supernova Bracelet- VBRC282
356 results
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