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Silver drop earrings to light up your lobes with high shine Silver or exquisite gemstones for added glamour.
349 results
Amber Flash Earrings - VE413
Curve Earrings - VE412
Frosted Diamond Earrings - VE408
Feather Fall Earrings - SE4569
Hoop Swing Earrings - VE407
Golden Rain Earrings - VE406
Green Trellis Earrings - SR4488
Golden Globe Earrings - VE405
Gold Leaf Earrings - VE404
Peridot Rain Earrings - VE403
Dancing Butterfly Earrings - VE628
Aqua Starfish Earrings - VE626
Myst Earrings - VE625
Rose Shimmer Earrings - VE624
Lilli Earrings - SE4894
Amethyst Fall Earrings - VE622
Playful Heart Earrings - SE4958
Amber Heart Earrings - VE621
Curvy Love Earrings - SE4949
Pink Sugar Earrings - SE4936
Moonstone Heart Earrings - VE619
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Antheia Earrings - VE618
Labradorite Rain Earrings - SE2759
Wirework Heart Earrings - VE617
349 results
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