Silver drop earrings to light up your lobes with high shine Silver or exquisite gemstones for added glamour.
421 results
Rhoda Earrings - VE247AM
Elara Earrings - VE608mp
Silver Dream Earrings - VE716
Margot Earrings - VE715
Wanda Earrings - VE713
Sky Swirl Drop Earrings - VE337BT
Chiapas Earrings - VE712
Inspira Earrings - VE711
Krista Earrings - VE559BT
Nila Earrings - VE177A
Giselle Earrings - VE336
Blueberry Swirl Earrings - VE337AM
Amethyst Melody Earrings - VE258AM
Pop of Rose Quartz
Pop of Rose Quartz
From £24.00
Amelie Earrings - VE554GT
Garnet Beauty Earrings - VE640GT
Vintage Heart Earrings - VE382GT
Yasmin Earrings - VE639GT
Garnet Spiral Earrings - VE449
Red Sun Earrings - VE278GT
Gabi Earrings - VE255GT
Falling Stars Earrings - VE704
Graceful Wings Earrings - VE703
Yva Earrings - VE271M
421 results
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