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A wonderful collection of 925 Sterling Silver bangles.

Whether you are looking for classic, contemporary or handmade pieces, this is the place to be.

93 results
Catya Bangle - VBGL176
Xena Bangle - VBGL169
Ariana Bangle - VBGL168
Amisha Bangle - VBGL167
Stars and Stripes Bangle - VBGL165
Animal Instinct Bangle - VBGL183
Quoira Bangle - VBGL172
Antonia Bangle - VBGL151
Anika Bangle - VBGL154
Twist and Shout Bangle - VBGL152
Swizzle Bangle - VBGL175
Instinct Bangle - VBGL168
Silver Braid Bangle - VBGL182
Coral Strand Bangle - VBGL170
Waverider Bangle - VBGL192
SeaSwirl Bangle - VBGL153
Pisa Bangle - VBGL171
Rock n Roll Bangle - VBGL155
Lucky Elephants Bangle - VBGL166
Sea Nymph Bangle - VBGL180
Silver River Bangle- VBGL159
Baroque Twist Bangle - SBGL550
Issy Bangle - SBGL179
Luela Bangle - SBM01
93 results
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