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Our Silver Earrings Collections offer a wide choice of drop earrings, hoop earrings and simple Silver stud earrings. Pared down elegance by day or sparkling jewel encrusted danglies for after dark.
Whatever the occasion or season Volcano has the perfect earrings to add wow factor !
652 results
Antheia Earrings - VE683
Midnight Earrings - VE561B
The Olive Grove Earrings - VE176TQ
Opal Libra Earrings - VE215OP
Mayan Stud Earrings - VE507
Ellie Earrings - VE232BT
Tangier Earrings - VE506
Green Depths Earrings - VE505
Universe Earrings - VE197L
Hearts Of Opal Earrings - SE5272
Blue Pool Earrings - SE4807
Sky Drop Earrings - SE5380
Opal Sun Earrings - SE5065
Misty Morning Earrings - SE5246
Warm Honey Earrings - VE504
Rutile Hoop Earrings - VE467RU
Desert Sun Earrings - VE503
Amber Honeycomb Earrings - VE682
Green Ocean Earrings - VE681
Radiance Earrings - VE278RM
Libra Gold Earrings - VE215GL
Sun Wheel Earrings - VE680
Texas Sun Earrings - VE679
Amma Earrings - VE559AM
652 results
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