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Our Silver Earrings Collections offer a wide choice of stud earrings, hoop earrings and simple silver stud earrings for pared down elegance by day or sparkling jewel encrusted danglies for after dark. Whatever the occasion or season Volcano will have the perfect earrings to add wow factor !
516 results
Regal Flower Stud Earrings - VE414
Amber Flash Earrings - VE413
Curve Earrings - VE412
Ancient Elephant Earrings - VE411
Tula Earrings - VE410
Spinto Hoop Earrings - VE409
Frosted Diamond Earrings - VE408
Feather Fall Earrings - SE4569
Hoop Swing Earrings - VE407
Ailsa Earrings - VE608EM
Golden Rain Earrings - VE406
Green Trellis Earrings - SR4488
Ailsa Stud Earrings - VE608GA
Golden Globe Earrings - VE405
Gold Leaf Earrings - VE404
Boho Hoop Earrings - SE4651
Kooky Cat Earrings - SE4893
Ailsa Stud Earrings - VE608L
Peridot Rain Earrings - VE403
Dancing Butterfly Earrings - VE628
Mystic Moon Earrings - VE627
Aqua Starfish Earrings - VE626
Myst Earrings - VE625
Rose Shimmer Earrings - VE624
516 results
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