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Our Silver Earrings Collections offer a wide choice of stud earrings, hoop earrings and simple silver stud earrings for pared down elegance by day or sparkling jewel encrusted danglies for after dark. Whatever the occasion or season Volcano will have the perfect earrings to add wow factor !
428 results
Silver Bar Earrings - VE462
Dreamy Skies Studs - SE4712
Sea Pool Hoops - SE4736
Bali Moon Studs - SE4752
Spun Silver Earrings - SE4820
Ama Earrings - VE461
Gracia Earrings - VE460
Palawan Earrings - VE459
Origami Elephants -SE4542
Jana Earrings - VE458
Entwined Earrings - VE458
Berry Sparkle Earrings - VE457
Disco Ball Earrings - SE4583
Blue Moon Earrings - VE456
Bali Tassel Earrings - VE455
Silver Key Earrings - VE454
Night and Day Stud Earrings - SE4680
Alanya Earrings - VE453
Hearts of Opal Earrings - SE2476
Topaz Petal Earrings - VE452
Vivienne Earrings - SE4590
Purple Petal Earrings - VE451
After 8 Earrings - VE450
Amber Fire Earrings - SE1815
428 results
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