Our Silver necklaces and pendants add eye-catching glamour to every look. From the simplicity of delicately adorned Silver chain necklaces to vibrant Semi- Precious Stones, there is something to suit every occasion.
504 results
Amber Tear Pendant - VP383
Stargazer Pendant - VP382
Radiate Pendant - VP381
Ancient Oak Pendant - VP380
Amber Honey Bee Pendant - SCHN1108
Little Dragonfly Pendant - VP378
Little Bee Pendant - VP379
Leah Pendant - VP377
Leah Pendant - VP377
From £79.00
Tulle Pendant - VP376
Tulle Pendant - VP376
From £34.00
Azurite Crystal Pendant - VP375
Azure Eye Pendant - VP374
Turquoise Dream Necklace - VNKL261
Golden Child Necklace - VNKL260
Underwater Odyssey Pendant - VP373
Jura Pendant - VP370
Chunky Elephant Pendant - VP369
Amazonite Bead Necklace - VNKL258
Seascape Necklace - VNKL257
Jade Bead Necklace - VNKL256
Sold Out
Wirework Heart Pendant - VP367
Opalite Crystal Point Pendant - VP368
Tibetan Prayer Wheel Pendant - SP2864
Blue Myst Pendant - VP363
Chrystia Necklace - VNKL255
504 results
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