With something to suit every occasion, our designs make treasured gifts. From the simplicity of delicately adorned Silver chain necklaces to vibrant Semi- Precious Stones our Silver necklaces and pendants add eye-catching glamour to every look. 
554 results
Juliette Necklace - SCHN1244
Mimi Necklace - SCHN1222
Creme De Menthe Pendant - SP3084
Wave Watcher Pendant - SP1341
We Two Necklace - SCHN1206
Ocean Shimmer Pendant - SP1341
Whirlpool Necklace - SCHN1128
Lightning Bolt Pendant - VP445
Eyes On You Pendant - VP444
Crystal Point Pendants - VP289
Windswept Pendant - VP443
Rainbow Bridge Necklace - VNKL311
Byzantine Pendant - VP397
Celtic Sparkle Necklace - VNKL9288
Gilda Necklace - VNKL309
Dragonfly Sparkle Necklace - VNKL308
Golden Tigers Eye Bead Necklace - VNKL307
Ancient Travellers Pendant - VP227
Biker Pendant - VP217
Biker Pendant - VP217
From £23.00
Silver Prayer Box - SP2571
Lara Pendant - VP214
Lara Pendant - VP214
From £42.00
Golden Dayz Set - VSET142G
Sabina Pendant - VP208
Sabina Pendant - VP208
From £135.00
Hematite Bead Necklace - VNKL306
554 results
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