With something to suit every occasion, our designs make treasured gifts. From the simplicity of delicately adorned Silver chain necklaces to vibrant Semi- Precious Stones our Silver necklaces and pendants add eye-catching glamour to every look. 
570 results
Patchwork Sunrise Pendant - VP442
Ingrid Pendant - VP307LA
Entwined Pendant - VP288C
Entwined Pendant - VP288C
From $27.00 $33.00
After 8 Pendant - VP284C
After 8 Pendant - VP284C
From $20.00 $25.00
Entranced Pendant - VP117
Deep Ocean Pendant - VP461
Adeline Pendant - VP305
Lime Crunch Pendant - SP3013
Turquoise Tear Pendant - SP3083
Silver Auger Shell Pendant - VP460
Whispering Palm Pendant - VP459
Tulip Pendant - VP696TQ
Oceanswept Pendant - VP458
Summer Starfish Pendant - VP457
Take The Helm Pendant - VP456
Silver Surfboard Pendant - VP455
Silver Scuba Pendant - VP454
Silver Conch Pendant - VP202
Sensia Necklace - SCHN1335
Inga Pendant - SP3057
Inga Pendant - SP3057
From $43.00
Spring Romance Necklace - VNKL312
Florence Chain - SCHN965
Bermudan Sands Necklace - VNKL171RQ
Infinite Love Pendant - SP2890
570 results
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