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Birthstone for June - Pearl

Beautiful lustrous Pearls represent friendship, loyalty and faithfulness and were one of the first gems admired and sought by man. Whilst other gems like diamonds and emeralds need cutting and polishing to make the most of their beauty, Pearls are naturally attractive and have obvious value. They make lovely gifts for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or any time you would like to show how much you care.
Birthstone for June - Pearl
182 results
Paradise Pearl Necklace - VNKL183
Serene Earrings - VE491
Philomena Pendant - VP236
Graceful Wings Earrings - VE485
Ice Paradise Bracelet - VBRC166
Raspberry Wrap Bracelet - VBRC165
Paulina Earrings - VE483
Pearlberry Wrap Bracelet - VBRC164
Aphrodite Pendant - VP232
Dolphin Duo Pendant - VP231
Amethyst Romance Earrings - VE230am
Red Queen Earrings - VE471
Petal Pearl Earrings- SE4714
Strawberries and Cream Necklace - VNKL158
Moonbeach Wrap Bracelet - SBRC29
Devona Bracelet - VBRC151
Mountain Snows Cufflinks - SCFL130
Dark Romance Pendant - VP290
Entwined Earrings - VE458
Entwined Pendant - VP288
Cool Water Necklace - VNKL156
Blue Moon Earrings - VE456
Porto Pearl Bracelet - VBRC148
Flamingo Lake Ring - VR268
182 results
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