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Birthstone for June - Pearl

Beautiful lustrous Pearls represent friendship, loyalty and faithfulness and were one of the first gems admired and sought by man. Whilst other gems like diamonds and emeralds need cutting and polishing to make the most of their beauty, Pearls are naturally attractive and have obvious value. They make lovely gifts for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or any time you would like to show how much you care.
Birthstone for June - Pearl
164 results
Spring Snows Bangle - VBGL193
Paradise Pink Anklet - VANK130
Paradise Pink Necklace - VNKL146
Paradise Pink Bracelet - VBRC186
Suki Pendant - VP270
Suki Pendant - VP270
From £48.00
Angels Wings Earrings - VE411
Oriel Earrings - VE405
Petra Necklace - VNKL146
Kiri Earrings - VE398
Aisha Necklace - VUN120
Champagne Shimmer Necklace - VUN117
Spring Bloom Necklace  - SCHN216
Belle Watch - VW102
Paradise Rose Pendant (Pink) - VNKL140
Paradise Rose Anklet (Pink) - VANK129
Mosaic Bracelet - VBRC170
Paradise Purple Bracelet - VBRC169
Paradise Purple Necklace - VNKL139
Celeste Bracelet - VBRC168
Annaliese Studs - VE372
Amalia Bracelet - VUB115
Josephina Necklace - VUN114
Paradise Blue Set - VSET154
Paradise Blue Necklace - VNKL138
164 results
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