Birthstone for June - Pearl

Beautiful lustrous Pearls represent friendship, loyalty and faithfulness and were one of the first gems admired and sought by man. Whilst other gems like diamonds and emeralds need cutting and polishing to make the most of their beauty, Pearls are naturally attractive and have obvious value. They make lovely gifts for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or any time you would like to show how much you care.
Birthstone for June - Pearl
205 results
Inspiration Earrings - VE563
Simple Pearl Studs - VE556
Beached Earrings - SE4606
Jura Pendant - VP370
Jura Earrings - VE546
Chrystia Necklace - VNKL255
Paula Set - SSET2759
Paula Set - SSET2759
From £86.00
Paula Earrings - SE4826
Paula Pendant - SP2759
Paula Pendant - SP2759
From £48.00
Astral Bracelet - VBRC255
Moonlit Ring - VR431
Silken Strands Necklace - VNKL253
White Sands Anklet - VANK140
Pink Mountain Pendant - VP361
Pearl Treasure Bracelet - VBRC251
Venice Bracelet - VBRC250
Chloe Pendant - VP359
Chloe Pendant - VP359
From £62.00
Passionale Pendant - VP358
White Petals Ring - VR426
Summer Pearls Necklace - VNKL248
Lime Love Earrings - VE415
Bergen Bracelet - VBRC245
Tonga Necklace - SCHN1068
Darla Necklace - SCHN265
205 results
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