Birthstone for June - Pearl

Beautiful lustrous Pearls represent friendship, loyalty & faithfulness and were one of the first gems admired & sought by man. Whilst other gems like diamonds & emeralds need cutting & polishing to make the most of their beauty, Pearls are naturally attractive & have obvious value. They make lovely gifts for a Birthday, Anniversary, special occasion or any time you would like to show how much you care.
211 results
Agnes Bracelet - VBRC346FWP
Graceful Tears Earrings - VE320
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC819
Lianne Ring - VR412
Lianne Ring - VR412
Entwined Pendant - VP288C
Entwined Pendant - VP288C
From $27.00 $33.00
White Cloud Earrings - VE311
Corsage Bracelet - SBRC822
Bora Bora Earrings - SE5649
Elspeth Ring - VR487
Idolise Bracelet - SBRC1592
White Clouds Ring - VR486
Lottie Studs - VE201MP
Pearl Garden Earrings - SE5708
Sensia Necklace - SCHN1335
Sensia Bracelet - SBRC1748
Pearl Bubble Earrings - SE5832
Inga Pendant - SP3057
Inga Pendant - SP3057
From $43.00
Inga Earrings - SE5638
Inga Ring - SR2317
Venus Earrings - VE5382
Dottie Pearl Bracelet - SBRC791
Spring Romance Necklace - VNKL312
Sabine Bracelet - VBRC336
211 results
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