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Ancient Amber

Renowned for our Amber collection. We have some stunning pieces featuring crisp yellows, vibrant oranges and ember-glow reds to reveal all the shades of the season. These breathtaking and perfectly balanced designs with silver settings are guaranteed to let the light flood into its delicious depths which vary making each piece as individual as you are.
Ancient Amber
58 results
Amber Petal Pendant - VP293
Ancient Traveller Pendant - VP287
Golden Honey Ring - VR348
Mossy Sparkle Pendant - VP278
Lucky Clover Necklace - VNKL209
Forest Fruit Pendant - VP226
Creme Ring - VR273
Green Glow Necklace - VNKL158
Buttermilk Pendant - VP225
Honey Amber Necklace - VNKL155
Amber Vine Ring - VR266
Amber Fire Set - SSET1091
Amber Fire Earrings - SE1815
Marian Ring - VR262
Tangier Earrings - VE440
Amber Fire Pendant - SP1091
Montana Skies Necklace - VP224
Autumn Aura Brooch - VABH103
Ancient Woodland Pendant - VAP103
Golden Sunshine Earrings - VAE111
Amber Teething Beads - VAN106
Mossy Sparkle Bangle - ABG103
Amber Molasses Brooch - VABH102
Cersei Ring - VUAR106
58 results
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