Modern Vintage

A timeless collection of modern vintage style jewellery with a contemporary twist.For those looking for classic plain silver pieces,with a difference and inset with marcasite and other stones.
Modern Vintage
350 results
Musical Moonstone Earrings - VE258
Chrystia Necklace - VNKL255
Organic Bubbles Necklace - VNKL254
Paula Set - SSET2759
Paula Set - SSET2759
From £86.00
Paula Earrings - SE4826
Paula Pendant - SP2759
Paula Pendant - SP2759
From £48.00
Lila Earrings - VE259
Lila Earrings - VE259
From £22.00
Alicia Stud Earrings - SE3397
Moonlit Ring - VR431
Silken Strands Necklace - VNKL253
White Sands Anklet - VANK140
Golden Butterfly Ring - VR430
Butterfly Breeze Bracelet - VBRC254
Summer Bouquet Bracelet - VBRC253
Waterfall Earrings - SE4918
Chloe Pendant - VP359
Chloe Pendant - VP359
From £62.00
Pink Butterfly Ring - SR432
Celtic Dragonfly Pendant - SP2836
Coffee Dayz Ring - SR685
Songbird Earrings - SE4964
Blossom Branch Pendant - VP356
Salsa Fan Earrings - SE4920
Reema Hoop Earrings - SE4970
Night Sky Wrap Bracelet - SBRC41
350 results
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