Modern Vintage

A timeless collection of modern vintage style jewellery with a contemporary twist.For those looking for classic plain silver pieces,with a difference and inset with marcasite and other stones.
Modern Vintage
359 results
Blackcurrant Swirl Earrings - VE609
Flower Border Ring - VR457
Elara Earrings - VE608
Melody Earrings - VE600
Kiri Earrings - VE398
Sold Out
Mohave Stud Earrings -VE599
Golden Frog Brooch - VBR106
Coffee Liqueur Necklace - VNKL268
Venetia Stud Earrings- VE596
Vintage Vine Ring - VR453
Beatnik Bracelet - VBRC273
Eloise Pendant - VP390
Eloise Pendant - VP390
From £45.00
Amber Ladybird Bracelet - VBRC271
Amber Ladybird Earrings - VE565
Inspiration Earrings - VE563
Sold Out
Adella Necklace - VNKL266
Amber Daisy Bracelet - VBRC269
Libra Blue Earrings - VE562
Skylar Earrings - VE560
Moonpools Necklace - VNKL265
Blue Glacier Necklace - VNKL264
Chanice Earrings - VE556
Sold Out
Chambord Necklace - VNKL263
Floro Bracelet - SBRC878
359 results
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