Modern Vintage

A timeless collection of modern Vintage style jewellery with a contemporary twist. For those looking for classic plain Silver pieces with a difference, Art Nouveau & Art Deco designs or inset with Marcasite and other stones, look no further.
414 results
Juliette Necklace - SCHN1244
Venicia Earrings - VE754
Flutterby Earrings - VE753
Creme De Menthe Pendant - SP3084
Suri Bracelet - SBRC1595
Pine Forest Ring - SR2312
Dainty Daisy Earrings - SE5364
Cupids Wings Earrings - VE752
Rosie Ring - VR335
Silver Rose Hairstick - VHS05
Sweetheart Ring - VR332
Windswept Pendant - VP443
Trailing Rose Ring - VR329
Cupids Pillow Earrings - VE747
Juliet Earrings - VE746
Blythe Ring - VR327
Boho Rose Ring - VR326
Butterfly Sparkle Ring - VR325
English Rose Earrings - VE744
Byzantine Pendant - VP397
Ellanora Ring - VR362T
Celtic Sparkle Bangle - V7204
Aiti Earrings - VE723M
Keira Ring - VR319
414 results
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