Looking for the perfect gift related to the month of their birth?
Stunning collections of Silver set Gemstones for the 12 months of the year and their relevant birthstones.

177 results
July Sparkle Bracelet - VBRC335JL
Starbright Ring - SR2372
Sabine Bracelet - VBRC336
St. Lucia Anklet - SANK163
Night Sky Ring - SR2371
Diamond Sparkle Bracelet (April) - VBRC335
Pine Forest Ring - SR2312
Lightning Bolt Pendant - VP445
Celtic Sparkle Ring - VR1208
Celtic Sparkle Necklace - VNKL9288
Celtic Sparkle Bangle - V7204
Dragonfly Sparkle Necklace - VNKL308
Full Moon Pearl Studs - VE738
Ditzy Diamond Earrings - VE736
Daisy Sparkle Ring - VR303
Turquoise Heaven Bracelet - VBRC324
Emilie Earrings - VE232FP
Pearl Forest Bracelet - SBRC1008
Pearl Swirl Earrings - VE337FP
Love Knot Ring - SR2294
Margot Earrings - VE715
Delilah Sparkle Set - VSET116m
Ice Diamond Pendant - VP197
Vega Ring - SR2242
177 results
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