Birthstone for January - Garnet

The January birthstone Garnet is found the world over, commonly known to be red, it is in fact found in a variety of colours. Garnet is derived from the Latin name Granatum, a pomegranate, because of the resemblance Garnet bears to the seeds of that fruit. Garnets vary in size, from a grain of sand to the size of an apple! Garnet is considered a lucky stone, for love, success, & for business relationships. It helps you let go of old behavior patterns & boosts self-confidence.

56 results
Gemstone Lotus Earrings - VE693
Lana Earrings - VE558GT
Garnet Hoop Earrings - VE597
Glorious Earth Bracelet - VBRC275
Vintage Vine Ring - VR453
Garnet Sparkle Studs (Jan) - SE5053
Venice Bracelet - VBRC250
Kayla Earrings - VE248
Drop of Wine Earrings - VE420GT
Pink Trio Bracelet - SBRC1574
Briar Rose Earrings - VE606
Cherry Drop Earrings - VE604
Elenya Earrings - VE603
Pomegranate Earrings - VE602
Tia Earrings - VE601
Portofino Stack Ring - VR376
Garnet Pebble Pendant - VP325
Ruby Wine Necklace - VNKL224
Red Queen Earrings - VE471
Deep Red Necklace - VNKL164
Red Petal Earrings - VE470
Mulberry Fruits Ring - GLR141
Jana Earrings - VE458
Crianza Earrings - VE402
56 results
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