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A matching pendant or necklace to go with those dazzling earrings? You'll find the perfectly matched jewellery set in our Silver Sets Collection.
94 results
Twilight Dreams Set - VSET157
Vintage Rose Set - VSET156
Silver Fern Set - SS2698
Angel Sparkle Set - VSET155
Blue Rain Set - SSET2639
Paradise Blue Set - VSET154
Autumn Friends Earring Set - SSET202
Little Gecko Set - VSET153
Green Ocean Set  - SSET2628
Luminescence Set - SSET857
Aspiration Set - SSET1042
Love Candy Set - SSET2577
Love Song Set - SSET2392
Valentina Set - SSET2578
Lori Set - VSET133
Lori Set - VSET133
From £45.00
Luxe Set - VSET150
Luxe Set - VSET150
From £71.00
Frances Set - VSET137
Frances Set - VSET137
From £54.00
Little Pine Cone Set - SSET2425
Tree of Silver Set - SSET2544
Paw Print Set - VSET151
Lotus Bloom Set - SSET2567
Sea Urchin Set - VSET148
Moon Kiss Set - SSET851
Tree Of Life Set - STOL
Tree Of Life Set - STOL
From £127.00
94 results
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