Birthstone for April - Diamond

Diamonds are referred to as the “king of gems”. Unique in their power of light reflection & the hardest natural substance known. Composed of pure carbon, the foundational element of life, it is crystallized deep in the earth under intense heat & pressure. The Diamond, in its rarity and beauty, is a symbol of purity, innocence, of love & fidelity, said to embrace strength of character, ethics & faithfulness to oneself and others.

Cubic Zirconia is the most common man-made diamond alternative. With dramatic developments in technology & cutting techniques, there are high grade, fine Cubic Zirconia stones which are extremely difficult to distinguish from a natural Diamond.

Birthstone for April - Diamond
107 results
Diamond Sparkle Studs (Apr) - SE5056
Imperial Fern Ring - JUR138
Rose Sunset Earrings - VE249
Porcella Ring - VR409
Frosted Diamond Earrings - VE408
Lilac Dazzle Ring - VR387
Silver Heart Signet Ring - SR2078
Kemper Beads - VNKL235
Postcard Hearts Earrings - SE4925
Trinity Sparkle Necklace - SP2733
Written In The Stars Pendant - SP2852
Mookite Jasper Bead Bracelet - VBRC214
Mookite Jasper Bead Necklace - VNKL229
Moonshadow Ring - SR2059
Rainbow Dazzle Ring - SR2077
Eternal Heaven Ring - SR2091
Circlet Sparkle Earrings - SE4762
Circlet Sparkle Ring - SR2083
Circlet Sparkle Necklace - SCHN1101
Charmant Earrings - VE599
Flashlight Ring - VR377
Hi Lights Ring - SR2051
Sugar Kiss Ring - VR374
Sparkling Isabel Earrings - SE4891
107 results
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