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Silver studs make perfect gifts. Our affordable collection contains a mix of classic Silver or Silver and Stone designs.
133 results
Green Light Stud Earrings - SE4927
Golden Pyramid Earrings - VE612
Golden Heart Earrings - SE4887
Ailsa Stud Earrings - VE608M
Circlet Sparkle Earrings - E4762
Pomegranate Earrings - VE602
Snowfall Earrings - VE587
Serena Earrings - VE191
Blue Daisy Earrings - VE582
Salma Earrings - VE581
Coraline Gold Earrings - VE573
Golden Country Earrings - VE571
Diva Sparkle Earrings - SE4759
Golden Lake Earrings - SE4909
Myriad Earrings - SE4587
Odina Earrings - VE564
Silken Ear Climbers - SE4586
Simplicity Drop Earrings - VE543
Dainty Cowrie Studs - SE4900
Pools of Twilight Stud Earrings - VE511
Silver Flip Flop Earrings - VE509
Vacation Stud Earrings - SE4882
Silver Crab Stud Earrings - SE4770
Fleur Earrings - SE4786
133 results
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