Birthstone for November - Topaz

Over thousands of years Topaz has conjured thoughts of opulence, luxury, generosity, vibrancy & strength. To wear Topaz is said to bring true love, fidelity, friendship & a gentle nature & is also said to bestow the gifts of courage, wisdom & success in all endeavors. It is one of the most loving, beneficial stones one can gift to ones Self. From the pure light of clear Topaz, to smokey & sunny yellows, tranquil Blue & even fiery pink-red varieties, Topaz radiates its gentle power in all directions…soothing, healing, stimulating & recharging. It brings energy, joy, generosity & abundance. Blue Topaz draws its solar influence from the entire sky.  It is said to promote truth & forgiveness, expression & confidence to fulfill one’s aspirations. Topaz is also considered to have lunar connections, its colour & power waxing and waning in union with the moon’s cycle. 

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Eliza Earrings - VE366
Tanah Ring - VR320
Glacier Leaf Ring - VR307
Barra Bracelet - VBRC326
Spiral Gem Pendant - VP226
Blue Jewel Ring - VR301
Turquoise Heaven Bracelet - VBRC324
Topaz Swirl Earrings - VE611BT
Supernova Slice Pendant - VP212
Sky Swirl Drop Earrings - VE337BT
Blue Island Bracelet - VBRC318
Krista Earrings - VE559BT
Bibby Ring - VR714
Centre Stage Ring - VR716
Bahama Bracelet- VBRC101
Blenheim Ring - VR711
Gemstone Bloom Earrings - VE696
Blue Fan Earrings - VE692
Blue Feather Earrings - VE689
Ellie Earrings - VE232BT
Citrine Sparkle Pendant - SP2921
Leah Pendant - VP409
Leah Pendant - VP409
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Topaz Crush Bracelet - VBRC289
Drop of Heaven Earrings - VE420BT
63 results
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