Opulent Organics

A simply stunning collection of Designer jewellery inspired by nature. Handcrafted Plain and Gold embellished Silver. Set with a dazzling and unusual selection of natural stones, pearls and shells.
43 results
Ophelia Ring - GLR142
Mulberry Fruits Ring - GLR141
Oceania Necklace - SCHN1022
Amora Ring - GLR137
Camille Necklace - VUN109
Sea Nymph Bangle - VBGL180
Sea Treasure Pendant - VP214
Midnight Pool Ring - JLR119
Saphira Ring - GLR124
Prima Donna Ring - GLR118
Ceres Ring - GLR113
Ciara Necklace - JUN118
Satin Shimmer Pendant - VP141
Desert Sands Bracelet - JUB110
Oriana Studs - VE144
Oriana Studs - VE144
From £22.00
Ancient Ocean Ring - JUR105
Blue Moon in Gemini - VSET122
Sentinel Bracelet - ABRC101
Oppulenza Ring - AR101
43 results
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