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Our stunning silver hoops work wardrobe-wide, so why not pick out something special just for you.
65 results
Lucky Hoop Earrings - SE1074
Curve Earrings - VE412
Tula Earrings - VE410
Spinto Hoop Earrings - VE409
Feather Fall Earrings - SE4569
Hoop Swing Earrings - VE407
Boho Hoop Earrings - SE4651
Circa Hoop Earrings - VE623
Abacus Hoop Earrings - SE4913
Hampi Hoop Earrings - SE4965
Verity Hoops - SE4298
Coraline Gold Earrings - VE573
Golden Country Earrings - VE571
Odelia Earrings - SE4658
Beadstring Hoop Earrings - SE4604
Silver Donut Hoops - SE4739
Pink Mist Earrings - SE4629
Sisal Hoops - SE3851
Cresta Earrings - SE4652
Berry Hoop Earrings - SE4628
Golden Halo Earrings - SE4398
Misty Hoop Earrings - SE4630
Pina Earrings - VE561
Turquoise Hula Girl Earrings - VE541
65 results
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