Global Traveller Collection

We All have Dream destinations and love to Travel even if only in our imaginations. This collection is inspired by beautiful places from around the wonderful world we live in & you will be certain to find the perfect packing list...
535 results
Blue Capri Pendant - VSP799
Patchwork Sunrise Pendant - VP442
Helena Silver Bangle - SBGL857
Agnes Bracelet - VBRC346LAB
Aida Bangle - VBGL171TQ
Ingrid Pendant - VP307LA
Danna Stud Earrings - VE305
Tonga Earrings - VE755
After Midnight Bracelet - VBRC343
Adeline Pendant - VP305
Alhambra Bangle - SBGL773
White Cloud Earrings - VE311
Kalea Bangle - SBGL110
Tiki Wave Ring - VR491
Seagreen Ring - VR490
Whispering Palm Pendant - VP459
Elephant Love Bracelet Stack - SBRC1539
Utah Bracelet - VBRC341
Oceanswept Pendant - VP458
Oceanswept Earrings - VE608
Anchor Earrings - VE606
Turtle Toe Ring - VTR120
Silver Surfboard Pendant - VP455
Silver Scuba Pendant - VP454
535 results
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