Global Traveller Collection

We All have Dream destinations and love to Travel even if only in our imaginations. This collection is inspired by beautiful places from around the wonderful world we live in & you will be certain to find the perfect packing list...
530 results
Antheia Earrings - VE683
Celtic Warrior Ring - VR2329
Nochtli Bangle - VBGL222
Cappucino Bracelet - VBRC305
The Olive Grove Set - VSET689TQ
The Olive Grove Earrings - VE176TQ
Black Lake Pendant - VP440
Mayan Stud Earrings - VE507
Rainforest Pendant - VP439
Midnight Pendant - VP438
Tangier Earrings - VE506
Borealis Pendant - VP433
Green Moon Bangle - SBGL784
Universe Earrings - VE197L
Universe Pendant - VP166L
Blue Pool Earrings - SE4807
Opal Sun Earrings - SE5065
Misty Morning Earrings - SE5246
Amber Vine Brooch - VBR109
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Amber Star Pendant - VP429
Milky Way Necklace - VNKL285
Flower Mandala Pendant - VP428
Radiance Earrings - VE278RM
Tribe Bangle - VBGL219
530 results
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