Global Traveller Collection

We All have Dream destinations and love to Travel even if only in our imaginations. This collection is inspired by beautiful places from around the wonderful world we live in & you will be certain to find the perfect packing list...
516 results
Ancient Travellers Pendant - VP227
Pisa bangle - VBGL181
Dakini Ring - VR318
Sunny Shores Ring - VR317
Baja Pendant - VP207
Baja Pendant - VP207
From £84.00
Olympia Earrings - VR733
Tunis Ring - VR308
Nazca Hoop Earrings - VE726
Tribal Fish-Hook Pendant - VP222
Cozumel Earrings - VE725
Silver Braid Bangle - VBGL229
Blue Ocean Earrings - VE722
Waverider Pendant - VP219
Iliyana Earrings - VE720
Goddess Ring - SR2271
Timor Bracelet - VBRC323
Impact Pendant - VP210
Impact Pendant - VP210
From £95.00
Ancient Traveller Pendant - VP209
Bindi Stud Earrings - VE717
Sleek Chic Necklace - VNKL299
Sunset Wrap Bracelet - SBRC1632
Aida Bangle - VBGL227
Blue Island Bracelet - VBRC318
Tijuana Pendant - VP200
Tijuana Pendant - VP200
From £130.00
516 results
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