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A collection of 925 Sterling Silver rings. Beautiful Semi-Precious stones, or contemporary Silver designs, we have something for everyone.
345 results
Enchanted Ring - VR410
Porcella Ring - VR409
Blueberry Swirl Ring  - VR408
Harlequin Ring - VR407
Zen Ring - VR406
Zen Ring - VR406
Medici Ring - VR405
Essaouira Ring - VR404
Baroque Ring - VR403
Kooky Cat Ring - SR2042
Angel Aura Ring - VR402
Tamara Ring - VR401
Medieval Moonstone Ring - VE400
Melody Ring - VR399
Golden Sunrise Ring - VR398
Mystique Ring - VR397
Nouveau Swirl Ring - VR395
Gattaca Ring - VR394
Viola Ring - VR393
Pearl Berry Ring - VR392
Tesqua Ring - VR391
Tendril Ring - VR390
Radiant Ring - VR388
Lilac Dazzle Ring - VR387
Pila Ring - VR386
345 results
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