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A collection of 925 Sterling Silver rings. Beautiful Semi-Precious stones, or contemporary Silver designs, we have something for everyone.
293 results
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Tiffany Ring - VR286
Lime Drop Ring - VR285
Tora Ring - VR284
Erika Ring - VR283
Nefertari Ring - VR282
Starlit Sky Ring - VR281
Tranquillity Ring - GLR146
Indra Ring - SR1957
Infinite Ring - VR280
Green Delight Ring - VR279
Mindy Ring - VR278
Tropical Rain Ring - VR277
Starfish Sparkle Ring - SR1399
Molokini Ring - GLR145
Grazia Ring - GLR144P
Starburst Ring - VR276
Circle of Elephants Ring - SR1891
Green Glimmer Ring - SR2028
Edelweiss Ring - VR274
Monte Carlo Ring - GLR143
Ophelia Ring - GLR142
Mulberry Fruits Ring - GLR141
Opal Whirl Ring - VR273
293 results
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