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A collection of 925 Sterling Silver rings. Beautiful Semi-Precious stones, or contemporary Silver designs, we have something for everyone.
333 results
Golden Honey Ring - VR348
Indigo River Ring - VR347
Spiral Bouquet Ring - VR346
Elephant Family Toe Ring - STR175
Two Hearts Ring - SR2003
Victorianna Ring - VR345
Whirling Winds Ring - VR344
Blueberry Crush Ring - VR342
Boho Wave Ring - VR341
Snowscape Ring - VR340
Patricia Ring - VR339
Anonymous Ring - VR338
Sugar Skull Ring - VR337
Liam Ring - VR336
Jameela Ring - VR335
Leonora Ring - VR334
Amethyst Wave Ring - VR333
Pink Peppermint Ring - VR332
Peridot Wrap Ring - VR331
Bright Sky Ring - VR330
Little Love Toe Ring - STR165
Daisy Chain Ring - SR2005
Mermaid's Tail Ring - VR329
Rosamund Ring - VR328
333 results
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