Our collection of 925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver rings.
Beautiful Semi-Precious stones, contemporary plain Silver designs, statement rings & stackers, we have something for everyone.
335 results
Rumi Ring - VR500
Ingrid Ring - VR499BT
Snowberry Ring - VR478FWP
Blue Spirit Ring - VR498
Animal Print Ring - VR497
Sylvie Ring - VR496
Mila Ring - VR495
Keep Rollin' Ring - VR494
Storm Ring - VR493
Blue Mountins Ring - VR492
Black Lustre Ring - VR491
Cordelia Ring - VR490
Dendrite Fern Ring - VR489
Jameela Ring - VR488
Green Planet Ring - VR487
Caramella Ring - VR486
Blue Skies Ring - VR485
Jura Ring - VR482
Maira Ring - VR481
Gold Stars Ring - SR2181
Blue Moon Ring - VR479
Frittilaria Ring -GLR163
Lavinia Ring - GLR161
Scarlet Ring - GLR160
335 results
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