A collection of 925 Sterling Silver rings. Beautiful Semi-Precious stones, or contemporary Silver designs, we have something for everyone.
375 results
Maira Ring - VR434
Blue Planet Ring - SR2114
Celtic Moon Ring - VR433
Moonlit Ring - VR431
Golden Butterfly Ring - VR430
Summer Night Ring - SR2056
Oceanique Ring - VR431
Seafern Ring - VR430
Lilac Swirl Ring - VR429
Tamana Ring - VR428
Pink Butterfly Ring - SR432
Tauranga Toe Ring - STR128
Ocean Breeze Ring - SR2025
Coffee Dayz Ring - SR685
Turquoise Twirl Ring - VR427
White Petals Ring - VR426
Boracay Ring - VR425
Marzi Ring - VR424
Abalone Wrap Ring - VR423
Mystic Moonlight Ring - SR2079
Oval Rose Ring - SR1547
Eiria Ring - VR422
Sold Out
Ella Ring - VR421
Carina Ring - VR420
375 results
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