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Birthstone for October - Opal

Like lightning or a rainbow, Opal flashes its brilliance with just the slightest movement. This is a stone that is pleasing to the eye, and said to inspire love and hope, luck and happiness.Also worn for its virtues of supposedly strengthening the sight and healing the eyes it is said to be capable of providing great luck, as it possesses all the virtues of the gemstones whose colours reside within it. Traditionally, it is also the gift given for a 14th wedding anniversary.
Birthstone for October - Opal
42 results
Angel Aura Ring - JUR150
Awesome Ammolite Ring - JUR133
Aztec Sun Earrings - VE219 (6 colours)
Aztec Sunset Pendant - VUP212
Blue Fan Earrings - VE342
Bonita Stud Earrings - VE242 (2Colours)
Cabana Ring - SR1203
Caribbean Queen Earrings - SE2808
Cascade Pendant - SCHN860
Charlotte Earrings - VE212
Ella Ring - JUR227
Enchanted Pool Studs - VYE2215
Fern Ring - JUR132
Ferris Wheel Ring - JR103 (5colours)
Fiji Bracelet - SBRC2015
Fiji Earrings - SE3452
Fiji Pendant - SCHN682
Fiji Set - SSET682
Fiji Set with Bracelet
Flower Garden Ring - SR1517
Golden Goddess Stud Earrings - VYE910
Lagoon Stud Earrings - SE2833
Libra Earrings - VE215 (6 colours)
Luminescence Earrings - SE4153
42 results
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