Awesome Animals Collection

A collection for animal lovers. From cats and dogs to birds and butterflies to the more unusual, this collection features cleverly crafted creatures in Plain Silver and Silver set with Semi precious stones.

Awesome Animals Collection
159 results
Little Kitty Earrings - VE572
Night Owl Stud Earrings - VE569
Amber Honey Bee Pendant - SCHN1108
Little Dragonfly Pendant - VP378
Little Bee Bracelet - VBRC264
Little Bee Pendant - VP379
Little Bee Drop Earrings - VE568
Amethyst Dragonfly Ring - VR439
Little Feather Stud Earrings - VE552
Honeybee Earrings - VE549
Chunky Elephant Pendant - VP369
Sweet Bee Stacker Ring - VR437
Boho Butterfly Bracelet - VBRC258
Little Turtle Earrings  SE5066
Citrine Starfish Earrings - VE242
Mini Ocean Hoop Earrings - VE239
Little Whale Earrings - VE238
Golden Butterfly Ring - VR430
Baby Bee Earrings - VE254
Celtic Dragonfly Pendant - SP2836
Songbird Earrings - SE4964
Spring Birdsong Necklace - VNKL242
Dancing Wings Earrings - VE418
Silver Turtle Pendant - SP2846
159 results
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