Awesome Animals Collection

A collection for animal lovers. From cats and dogs to birds and butterflies to the more unusual, this collection features cleverly crafted creatures in Plain Silver and Silver set with Semi precious stones.

173 results
Feather Wrap Ring - VR313
Silver Robin Earrings - VE730
Silver Seahorse Studs - VE721
Whale Tail Pendant - VP215
Turquoise Turtle Earrings - VE494TQ
Graceful Wings Earrings - VE703
Dainty Dreamcatcher Pendant - VP450
Red Robin Necklace - VNKL242RG
Blue Feather Earrings - VE689
Baby Owl Pendant - VP436
Slinky Cat Brooch - VBR107
Safari Earrings - VE677
Animal Print Ring - VR497
Little Croc Earrings - VE676
Medusa Earrings - VE529
Lyneth Earrings - VE523
Hawaiian Turtle Earrings - VE494
Dancing Dragonfly Earrings - VE491
Birdy Studs - VE489
Beach Hut Greetings Card - EN05
Paw Print Bracelet -VBRC292
Baby Elephant Pendant - VP413
Little Hedgehog Pendant - VP412
Silver Seahorse Pendant - VP411
173 results
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