Gold & Silver

79 results
Libra Gold Earrings - VE215GL
Golden Romance Pendant - VP1025G
Sun Wheel Earrings - VE680
Green Dream Necklace - VNKL283
Snowberry Ring - VR478FWP
Octavia Necklace - VNKL278
Nimka Earrings - V515
Golden Dolphin Pendant - SP2814
Frittilaria Ring -GLR163
Rose Bliss Earrings - SE5084
Rose Bliss Pendant - SP2870
Diva Earrings - VE672
Golden Daisy Earrings - VE667
Nefertari ring - VR473
Golden Dream Earrings - VE663
Sun Ball Earrings - VE564G
Sundrop Pendant - VP404
Stellar Stud Earrings - VE634
Byzantine Pendant - VP397
Golden Senses Pendant - VP394
Golden Senses Set - VSET169
Melody Earrings - VE600
Heart Of Gold Stud Earrings - VE598
Citrine Sparkle Studs - SE5063
79 results
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