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Welcome to our 925 Sterling Silver bracelets collection. Here you will find classic Silver, Silver mixed with various semi-precious Stones and intricate handmade pieces.
131 results
Marianna Bracelet - VBRC182
Silver Button Bracelet - VBRC181
Seascape Bracelet - VBRC180
Margritte Watch - VW103
Alexandra Bracelet - VUB117
Zena Bracelet - VBRC179
Catriona Bracelet - VBRC178
Red Berry Bracelet - VBRC177
Dune Treasure Bracelet - VBRC175
Miguel Bracelet - VMB128
Strawberry Gin Bracelet - VBRC174
Peaceful Bracelet - SBRC1362
Turquoise Ripple Bracelet - VBRC172
Victoria Bracelet - VUB116
Little Daisy Bracelet - VBRC171
Mosaic Bracelet - VBRC170
Little Fishes Bracelet - VBRC147
Paradise Purple Bracelet - VBRC169
Celeste Bracelet - VBRC168
Mirror Disc Bracelet - VBRC167
Morocco Bracelet - SBRC1382
Tamika Bracelet - VUB114
Amalia Bracelet - VUB115
Delphine Bracelet - VUB113
131 results
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