Welcome to our 925 Sterling Silver bracelets collection. Here you will find classic plain Silver designs, Silver mixed with various semi-precious Stones & intricate handmade pieces.
245 results
Silver Bobble Bracelet - SBRC1360
Carnival Wrap Bracelet - SBRC34
Island Life Bracelet - SBRC1391
Irrestistible Bracelet - SBRC1627
Topaz Crush Bracelet - VBRC289
Milano Bracelet - VBRC288
Golden Bay Bracelet - VBRC287
Purple Haze Bracelet - VBRC285
Katerina Bracelet - VBRC284
Cordelia Bracelet - VBRC283
Supernova Bracelet- VBRC282
Lavender Bead Bracelet - VBRC281
Love in Pastels Bracelet - VBRC279
Florida Bracelet - VBRC278
Solaris Bracelet - VBRC277
Silver Whirl Bracelet - VBRC276
Glorious Earth Bracelet - VBRC275
Beatnik Bracelet - VBRC273
Silver Loveknot Bracelet - VBRC274
Bamboo Forest Bracelet - VBRC272
Amber Ladybird Bracelet - VBRC271
Tambra Bracelet - VBRC270
Amber Daisy Bracelet - VBRC269
Azure Bracelet - VBRC268
245 results
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