Welcome to our 925 Sterling Silver bracelets collection. Here you will find classic Silver, Silver mixed with various semi-precious Stones and intricate handmade pieces.
245 results
Castaway Bracelet - SBRC1555
Moonriver Bracelet - VBRC256
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Astral Bracelet - VBRC255
Marissa Bracelet - SBRC1374
Butterfly Breeze Bracelet - VBRC254
Summer Bouquet Bracelet - VBRC253
Summer Sky Bracelet - VBRC252
Pearl Treasure Bracelet - VBRC251
Venice Bracelet - VBRC250
Larissa Bracelet - VBRC249
Squares & Spirals Bracelet - VBRC248
Silver Chakra Bracelet (Solar Plexus) - SBRC1524
Night Sky Wrap Bracelet - SBRC41
Ocean Wrap Bracelet- SBRC40
Sunset Wrap Bracelet - SBRC39
Ocean Treasure Bracelet - VBRC246
Bergen Bracelet - VBRC245
Peacock Bracelet - VBRC244
Dark Daydream Bracelet - VBRC233
Spring Corsage Bracelet - VBRC232
Naomi Bracelet - SBRC296
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Green River Bracelet - VBRC230
Silver Lining Bracelet - VBRC229
Pastel Whispers Bracelet - VBRC229
245 results
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