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Welcome to our 925 Sterling Silver bracelets collection. Here you will find classic Silver, Silver mixed with various semi-precious Stones and intricate handmade pieces.
230 results
Dark Daydream Bracelet - VBRC233
Spring Corsage Bracelet - VBRC232
Naomi Bracelet - SBRC296
Green River Bracelet - VBRC230
Silver Lining Bracelet - VBRC229
Pastel Whispers Bracelet - VBRC229
Pine Forest Bracelet - VBRC227
Blue Rose Bracelet - VBRC226
Aquamarine Bead Bracelet - VBRC225
Mountain Stream Bracelet VBRC224
Green Trio Bracelet - SBRC1572
Amethyst Bead Bracelet - VBRC223
Pink Trio Bracelet - SBRC1574
Boho Tassel Bracelet - VBRC163P
Torsten Bracelet - VBRC222
Hossegor Bracelet - VBRC221
Mathias Bracelet- VBRC219
Judie Bracelet - SBRC1255
Angaara Bracelet - VBRC218
Big Love Bracelet - SBRC1550
Gaia Bracelet - VBRC216
Fluorite Bead Bracelet - VBRC215
Mookite Jasper Bead Bracelet - VBRC214
BlackEye Agate Bead Bracelet - VBRC213
230 results
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