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What's New
217 results
Serene Blue Pendant - VP256
Gold Block Earrings - VE374
Aurelia Necklace - VUN119
Shooting Star Earrings - SE4588
Dancing Leaf Earrings - VE373
Catya Bangle - VBGL176
Mirror Disc Bracelet - VBRC167
Annaliese Studs - VE372
Wise Tree Pendant - VP255
Morocco Bracelet - SBRC1382
Essence Earrings - SE4591
Xena Bangle - VBGL169
Tamika Bracelet - VUB114
Alexis Necklace - VUN118
Amalia Bracelet - VUB115
Evergreen Necklace - VUN115
Delphine Bracelet - VUB113
Josephina Necklace - VUN114
Evangeline Bracelet - VUB112
Aztec Sunset Pendant - VUP212
Mischa Earrings - VE371
Arinna Bracelet - VUB111
Celtic Tree Earrings - VE370
Mystic Cross Pendant - VP226
217 results
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