Ancient Amber

Renowned for our Amber collection. We have some stunning pieces featuring crisp yellows, vibrant oranges & ember-glow reds to reveal all the shades of the season. These breathtaking & perfectly balanced designs with silver settings are guaranteed to let the light flood into its delicious depths which vary making each piece as individual as you are.
76 results
Amber Daisy Bracelet - VBRC269
Sunlit Amber Earrings - VE573
Radiate Pendant - VP381
Amber Honey Bee Pendant - VP1108
Amber Pause Pendant - VP346
Golden Wrap Pendant - VP345
Amber Flash Earrings - VE413
Golden Rain Earrings - VE406
Amber Heart Earrings - VE621
Amber Orchid Earrings - VE578
Amber Fan Earrings - VE577
Amber Love Earrings - VE576
Amber Swing Earrings - VE575
Ambas Necklace - VNKL217
Amber Owl Pendant - VP2775
Elizabeth Pendant - VP302
Amber Orb Pendant - VP301
Amber Acorn Pendant - VP2764
Ladybug Pendant - VP299
Ladybug Bangle - VBGL201
Amber Fall Pendant - VP294
Amber Fall Ring - VR354
Amber Petal Pendant - VP293
Bohemian Babe Bracelet - VBRC179
76 results
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