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Ancient Elephant Stud Earrings - VE393
Ancient Owl Pendant - VP180
Ancient Owl Set - VSET145
Ancient Owl Stud Earrings - VE266
Kiki Ring - VR234
Blueberry Crush Pendant - VP261
Victoria Bracelet - VUB116
Vienna Necklace - VUN116
Aqua Glacier Ring - GLR119
Birthstone Stacker Ring - SBSR
Boho Chic Bracelet - VBRC106
Cool Water Earrings - SE1397
Adore Me Ring - VR117
Adore You Pendant - VSPN101
Angelique Earrings - VE152
Angels Feather Earrings - VE282
Aisha Necklace - VUN120
Blossom Branch Brooch - VBCH102
Blue Rose Anklet - VANK106
Blush Bracelet - VBRC101
Aisha Necklace - VUN120
Champagne Shimmer Necklace - VUN117
Spring Bloom Necklace  - SCHN216
Belle Watch - VW102
Antheia Earrings - VE208 (4colours)
Aspire Earrings - JE116
Blue Haze Earrings - JE108
Blue Moon Ring - GLR127
Agnes Ring - VR208
Amelie Earrings - VE336
Aztec Sun Earrings - VE219 (6 colours)
Birthstone Stacker Ring - SBSR
Adeline Earrings - VE275
Aisha Necklace - VUN120
Alexis Necklace - VUN118
Angelina Ring - GLR135
Angel Aura Ring - JUR150
Awesome Ammolite Ring - JUR133
Aztec Sun Earrings - VE219 (6 colours)
Aztec Sunset Pendant - VUP212
Amisha Bangle - VBGL167
Aspire Earrings - JE116
Aura Earrings - VE361
Aziel Pendant - JP106 (2colours)
Tallulah Pendant - SP1699
Turquoise Ripple Bracelet - VBRC172
Blue Rain Earrings - SE4526
Blue Rain Pendant - SP2639
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