50 results
Amethyst Orb Anklet - VANK112
Autumn Anklet - VANK137
Ball and Chain Anklet - SANK114
Beach Glass Anklet - SANK146
Blue Rose Anklet - VANK106
Bohemian Babe Anklet - VANK134
Crystal Sparkle Anklet - VANK114 (7colours)
Dancing Dolphins Anklet - VANK115
Dancing Dolphins Anklet - VANK120
Dark Heart Anklet - VANK108
Ebony Anklet - SANK129
Elephant Anklet - VANK123
Festival Anklet - VANK131BL
Festival Anklet - VANK131GR
Festival Anklet - VANK131PR
Festival Anklet - VANK131RD
Flower Power Anklet - SANK126
Godiva Anklet - SANK133
Hawaiian Garden Anklet - SANK139
Hervor Anklet - VANK107
Hilltribe Charm Anklet - VAK101
Indian Summer Anklet - VANK136
Lilac Exotica Anklet - VANK135
Little Bells Anklet - VANK121
50 results
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