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89 results
Strawberries and Cream Necklace - VNKL158
Vienna Necklace - VUN116
Astonishment Necklace - SCHN842
Sunset Cruise Pendant - VP190
Golden Triangle Necklace - VNKL130
Java Necklace - VNKL127
Faraway Tree Pendant - VP142
Aloha Pendant - VP136
Aloha Pendant - VP136
From £26.00
Candlelight Glow Pendant - SP2164
Midnight Daze Pendant - VP131
Dragonfly Fire Pendant - SP2375
Indian Summer Necklace - SCHN838
Carnival Chain Necklace - SCHN839
A Little Golden Girl Pendant
The Moonlight Necklace -VUN105
Oppulenza Ring - AR101
Droplet necklace - VNKL104
89 results
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